What is Villain Hitting and Why Does it Involve a Slipper?

I know what you are thinking, wtf is Villain Hitting and why is a slipper involved? I grew up watching all sorts of Chinese dramas and never would I have dreamt of seeing it first hand in Hong Kong. Coming from a Westernised culture I always thought Villain Hitting was hilarious,  an old tradition in the Chinese community. One day, I walked under the bridge in Causeway Bay and I saw a few stations with symbolic figurines, candles and spiritual papers for burning. I saw a family huddling round one of the stations with an old lady waving the mysterious paper around and lighting it up as she continues to ‘chant’. I had no idea what was happening until I heard a loud, continuous tapping sound and as I turned around; there goes a slipper tapping on the paper! Instantly it hit me (not literally) – it was exactly like the TVB Chinese dramas of Da Siu Yun (literal translation is petty person beating)! Basically, if there is someone negative in your life that’s obstructing your path to success, happiness, love, friendship etc, you seek these lil old ladies who apparently will help solve your crisis by chanting the blessing (I’m coating it with blessing when in fact it’s a bit like exorcism) against that person on these superstitious looking papers. Then, they will get their slipper out and start hitting it aka hit the bad shit away from that person! It’s a very old tradition and the people of Hong Kong (the older generation mainly) are quite superstitious (even my Grandma) and I am surprised that this is still popular. For me, it’s a cultural quirk and worth checking it out.




Above is a ballerina shoe, looks like it doesn’t matter what shoe it is these days!


Here’s another one taped up, not quite a shoe but hard enough to smack your villain!


I was curious what they were hitting the shoe with – as you can see it’s an image of a person representing the person you want to hit – clearly this young man is cursing a guy!
You can find them under the bridge on Hennessy Road near Causeway Bay. For more pictures, you can search #villainhitting on instagram 😀

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