Organic, Locally Sourced and Good Food at Grassroots Pantry in Sheung Wan

Firstly, if you are vegan and struggle to find a decent place to dine in; look no further than Grassroots Pantry in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. I had plans to visit a coffee shop for brunch nearby but I so happened to walk past this restaurant and took a glance inside. It was beautifully decorated with hanging vegetation and chopping boards on the wall; as well it’s light, airy and has a spacious atmosphere that could pass up as a great chill out space with good food. I had a look at their menu and it looked incredible – it was creative as well appetising for non vegans too (I love my meat and it’s not often I like much from a raw/vegan style menu). People that dine here are into wellness and good food with attentive service where stock is locally sourced, sustainable and deliver organic farm-to-table delectable meals.


Cinammon French Toast: Gluten-Free Slices. Free Range Eggs. Berry Compote. Vegan Whipped Lemon Butter. Lemon Basil (BF.GF.NF) – just a note; they have Buddhist Friendly meals which is the first I’ve ever come across. The portion size was perfect which meant I could order another to sample!


Kimchee Pancake with fried free range egg with Sriracha Cashew Mayo and Nori Salad (GF.BF.NF): I was drawn by the name of the dish and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The sriracha sauce complimented the pancake very well and you can taste the spicy kick from the kimchee!
I really wanted to try the kelp noodle salad but they so happen to run out of kelp that day so I am looking forward to returning. I thought the service was a little un-attentive from some staff members but overall one of my favourite, healthy brunch and breakfast place to go in Hong Kong. What a great find; I can’t wait to come back and try that Kelp noodle salad! I would happily recommend this place to vegans and I am so glad I found a place that’s actually really tasty and has that cool Aussie coffee shop like vibe but greener!


You can find Grassroots Pantry at : 108 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong or call them on 2873 3353

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