Newly Opened Trendy Bar: Iron Fairies on Hollywood Road, Hong Kong


In the heart of HK island, we discovered a newly opened trendy bar called Iron Fairies and it has definitely lived up to the name. Designed by Ashley Sutton who previously designed Ophelia and J. Borowski; the jaw dropping and Snapchat worthy venue has wowed every customer that walked through those doors with a phone ready at hand to take that picture perfect moment for Instagram! I myself was one of them and we managed to bag ourselves a table for turning up a tad bit early.

Inspired by the iron ore mines in Western Australia, you would find each little butterfly in their thousands dangling from the ceiling in the dim lit room. There aren’t a lot of tables so you do have to get here pretty early to secure them since they don’t take any reservations. You will also find a crate of iron fairies on each table and no doubt customers have been taking one or 2 as a souvenir (I didn’t take any by the way) since it’s a large haul!

As we move on to the cocktails, I was rather disappointed, not once but twice as we kept ordering to try new cocktails from the menu. We waited for a good 10 minutes to get served at the crowded bar and based on what we saw; it seemed is was more fluff than substance unfortunately (hate to say it). I could be very wrong but the drink I ordered was the Watermelon Daiquiri with marshmallow – it wasn’t very alcoholic and tasted more like sweet juice. My friend ordered the Underground Martini and the Naughty Girl Bellini – it was difficult to explain but the mixology of the cocktail was confusing where it just didn’t taste pleasant. Despite a beautiful ambience; the live jazz band was way too loud so it makes it incredibly difficult to socialise as it’s not a “club scene”. It’s such a shame because this venue is gorgeous; just the overall experience was below par. Who knows, maybe it was just a bad night for me; however for more details about this place you can find them on their FB page: Iron Fairies.

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