Mixed Thoughts on SEVVA Afternoon Tea


Supposedly the best afternoon tea experience in town and I was keen to find out what Sevva Afternoon Tea had to offer in Hong Kong. Up on the Penthouse of Prince’s Building in Central – best to get there early as they don’t take any bookings for afternoon tea and you can wait for a fair bit of time (especially during lunch and you are already starving). We managed to get a table on their terrace with ok views of Hong Kong but it can get pretty breezy so bring a shawl! Inspiration taken from Hong Kong’s dynamic, diverse and cosmopolitan heritage, ‘Sevva’s signature tea set reflects the city’s love of cuisine styles from Europe and Asia’ that’s innovative, colourful and off course, Insta worthy!






Verdict? I remember saying wow when it arrived at the table! Super colourful, lots to try and most importantly where do I start! Here is what you get:

Sevva vegetable spring rolls, toasted crumpet with smoked salmon & chive cream cheese, signature crabmeat & prawn salad burger, wild mushroom ragout on crispy rice cracker, salad kyoto on cucumber, French ham & brie cheese roll sandwich, chicken roll sandwich, Fois Gras mousse & onion marmalade on savoury waffle, mini short rib burger.

As for the sweets: the original caramel crunch cake, mont blanc coupe, kaleidoscope, lollipop cake, double chocolate dipped strawberry with candy sprinkles and cigar wafer cookies accompanied with your choice of tea/coffee.

The presentation was off course top notch and food was 10/10 for taste and innovation however; at HK$720 for 2 people plus 10% service charge is a bit steep for what it is. It is overly priced but if you are here for the experience (like I did) go for it! It’s not a place I would come back time and time again. To learn more about Sevva and their menu, visit their official site here.

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