I’ve Moved to Hong Kong! 10 Things I’ve Realised


I’ve lived in London my entire life, born and bred so I consider myself as a ‘proper’ Londoner. This summer I decided to move to Hong Kong for a change of scenery and explore a different kind of life so it’s pretty brave of me to leave the nest and the country I love. Previously, I wrote a post on Top 10 Survival Tips in Hong Kong and after living in Hong Kong for 3 weeks; I’ve discovered a lot more and just by looking back at my previous post on my survival guide to HK; I sound like a tourist! I am going to recap what I suggested and how it can be better:

10. Don’t Rely on Wifi: I still stand by this! Sim card packages are cheap in Hong Kong so don’t just skimp on wifi; your life would be so much easier if you get a HK sim card! There are a lot of phone companies in HK, incfact a whole strip full of them in Causeway Bay – so check in each and every one of them before you decide..I got the best deal with 3 Network for 12 months (the others had contracts for no less than 18 months).

9. Sun Lotion: check out Mannings, SaSa or any beauty/drugstore as they sell the highest UV protection lotions. I’ve noticed that they sell UV protection spray cans which is far more practical and easy to apply than lotions so don’t waste your money buying sun lotions; come to HK and buy it there as it’s cheaper. You can also buy a higher factor spray (highest I have seen is factor 150) so you will definitely be protected.

8. Carry a Tote Bag: yep I still stand by this! HK is quite conscious around recycling and being eco-friendly which means you should bring your own plastic or tote bag for your shopping (so always carry one with you). Otherwise, you can still ask for a plastic bag and the charge is very minimal.

7. Not All Toilets Are The Same: well I have not come across a squatting toilet yet so I think you will be fine here! I think it’s more so for mainland China.

6. Dare to Wear Surgical Masks: it’s definitely a thing here in HK; the one city where you don’t look out of place when wearing one, if anything you are doing the public a massive favour to stop spreading germs! If you do fall ill; respect the public and wear a surgical mask – no one will look at you weird, I promise!

5. Air Con is Strong: I think it’s not too bad but if you are sensitive and hate the cold; bring/wear a cardigan (no need for a jumper).

4. Tissues: A lot of ‘local’ restaurants don’t provide tissues at the table unless you ask for it. But just to be safe, bring a pack with you (I always forget).

3. Mind the Mainlanders: thankfully I have not encountered a rowdy mainlander just yet – but I see them like a storm so expect them one day where they may piss you off!

2. Don’t Get Conned: this is tricky; I speak in Cantonese with taxis to avoid this. In my first week; I received change in croatian notes which has a lower value so definitely double check your large change! Sighhhh…I did get a lil conned here.

1. Attack of The Mosquitos: right!!!! This is a sensitive topic for me because I am allergic to their bites. Recently I read that Victoria’s Secret bombshell perfume is the best repellent because it contains the scent of peonies. Apparently, mozzies hate this smell but I have yet to prove the effectiveness. But definitely find a spray that contains citronella grass as the mozzies hate (and the spray is natural).

I hope you find this guide useful; off course I am still discovering a lot about HK but feel free to drop a comment 🙂

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