Exclusive Tasting Menu at Yum Cha For HK$200 pp

Earlier this week I noticed an awesome tasting menu offer at Yum Cha; a contemporary Chinese restaurant with a modern, cool twist! For 2 weeks only, A Foodie World joined forces with Yum Cha for an exclusive menu at two of their locations in Central and Tsim Sha Tsui all for $200 (£20) per person. I have dined at Yum Cha before and thoroughly enjoyed the food there so I was eager to sample more of their dishes.
To take advantage of this offer, you will have to book online via A Foodie Worlds post which can be found here (well that’s how I booked it). I don’t think the tasting menu was fully fleshed out so I went in quite blind not knowing exactly what I will be getting for HK$200 so I hope to God it was worth it!

To begin with, we had orange pickled melon with a side bed of orange peel shaving – unfortunately the waitress didn’t speak much English so I didn’t understand exactly what was presented in front of us but I had a pretty good idea after chewing round the chunky cut slices of melons.

As a sample menu, we tried a basket of crab roe and pork dumplings aka shui mai (x2 pieces) which we devoured (sorry I forgot to mention that I came here with my sister) – nothing special but you just can’t go wrong with shui mai, a favourite on the dim sum menu! Next we tried a tin tray full of sweet and sour fried wontons which were perfectly crisp on the outside and super juicy on the inside!

Time to ditch those chopsticks and go straight in with your hands! This spicy balsamic honey wings were succulent and sticky. The wings were generously smothered in the not so spicy sauce but had a good sweet kick from the honey and large chunks of pineapples.

Here it is, it’s what we’ve all been waiting for right? This is the reason why I came here, those cute puffy cheeked pork piggy buns!!!! You can judge me all you like but I eat with my eyes and the camera eats first! These novelty buns were actually very tasty – soft white buns and perfect for sharing.

We didn’t think there will be more food to come but this was a surprise – rice in wild mushroom soup. The portion was big enough to serve 3 or 4 people so at this stage; we were getting rather stuffed! The soup was delicious and the crispy rice was added upon serving. I liked the complimenting textures of melted rice with the crispy rice which was a unique dish in my opinion and if not, one of my favourite dishes of the night.

As much as I’d love to get my money’s worth; I was glad to see the arrival of our desserts. Cookies and green tea cup with candy floss with a side basket of molten custard buns to end the evening. The candy floss green tea looked amazing but it was quite difficult to eat past the melting candy floss that glued to the spoon! The green tea was rather bitter for my liking so I only managed to eat half f it. I liked the crunch from the cookie base but I was more interested in piercing a hole in my bun! To sum up the evening, the tasting menu was fantastic and at HD$200 that’s an absolute steal. If I have done my calculations right, this meal would normally cost +HK$450 per person so get in on it whilst you still can. The service has improved a lot since my last visit where there were a lot of language barriers as well as poor customer service. They have definitely redeemed themselves and I look forward to coming here again. For more details about Yum Cha, you can find their site here. They are located in 2/F, Nan Fung Place, 173 Des Voeux Road, Central (which I prefer) and 3/F, 20-22 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui.

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