One of the Best Dinner Experiences: Seafood Room in Causeway Bay

I have to say hands down, Seafood Room has been the best dining experience I have had in Hong Kong to date! Serving the ultimate seafood experience and super chilled shisha lounge on their terrace completed the whole dining experience. Opened on April 2016 on the 26th floor within Tower 535 (same building as Fitness First and next to the 3 floor DJI store), their views overlook the Victoria Harbour whilst enjoying the ‘under the sea’ themed decor.

I decided to celebrate my really amazing friend’s Birthday at Seafood Room where we indulged through a selection of dishes as recommended by the lovely French waitress who served us all evening. First things first, it’s not a cheap place, Seafood Room is a fine dining experience and so I really hoped that the meal was as good as the name, quality, experience and reputation.

We had a couple of Pacific Rock Oysters each to kickstart our appetite followed by a beautifully presented Langoustine tartare with avocado, truffle and caviar (HK$290). I can honestly say that it was the BEST tartare I’ve ever had – the combination was just absolutely delicious where the langoustine just melted with the avocados and you get that fragrant truffle topped with caviar. We also tried the Seafood Room Ceviche (HK$180) with tuna, salmon, sea bass, lime and plantain crisps – flavoursome and citrusy!

seafood room langoustine tartare

seafood room ceviche

For the mains we had the Octopus with grilled potatoes, rocket and parmesan (HK$370). The octopus chunks were soft and well seasoned and surprisingly generous on the octopus portion where I actually struggled to finish the plate! However, the menu did say parmesan and I really do like my cheese…but there were no cheese…hmmm!! My friend had the Squid Ink Tagliolini (HK$240) with clams, tiger prawn with garlic – a very filling plate where you do get your hands a lil dirty when tackling the clams. The two mains were very different but we loved to taste each other’s dishes and both were just as amazing.

seafood room octopus main

seafood room taglialini main

The dinner and service at Seafood Room was beyond my expectation and despite being a rather pricey dinner it was well worth every HK dollar! I had to leave a feedback for the amazing waitress (she was French with black rimmed glasses) who offered her service to recommend the dishes and plan the lovely Birthday dessert surprise 😉 The evening didn’t end there, we love our shishas and what better way than to end our evening than chilling at their rooftop terrace. The shisha lounge is a separate business from Seafood Room where you will find 2 Ukrainian specialists to serve good quality shisha and unique flavour blends sourced from California. We’ve been to a fair few shisha cafes/restaurants/lounges in Hong Kong and the best experience by far is at the Seafood Room. The couches are super comfortable and you get to lounge comfortably with the gorgeous Victoria Harbour view … obviously not the best view in HK but it’s good enough. I would recommend coming here – 10/10 for food, service and experience! For more info you can check their site here at the Seafood Room.

I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my bezzie in HK, we met at work in London…she left me for HK…2 years later I left London for HK and here I am, reunited with this wonderful creature!

seafood room

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