Tried the Signature Omotesando Egg Sandwich at Omotesando Koffee in Wan Chai Hong Kong




Omotesando Koffee is a famous coffee shop in Tokyo Japan and opened their first international shop in Wan Chai, Hong Kong! Thanks to social media, their egg sandwich pictures have gone viral only because we have seen nothing like this around as well as hungry hipsters looking for the latest, coolest coffee shop experiences to pop up. Even tourists have made it their destination to check it out and no doubt to make their mark on Instagram to tick off on their list to visit. Located on Lee Tung Street (well Amoy Street, near Ophelia) and you can look forward to their specialty high quality, espresso based coffees. You will pretty much find everyone Instagram ready here so blend in 😉 I really enjoyed the egg sandwich – when I saw a picture of this on Instagram, I thought it was Tamago egg (the egg you get on a nigiri) but it’s waaay better than that; it’s like an egg custard/creme brulee with a thin layer of horseradish spread to seal the sandwich. In a box, you get 3 generous thick slices but I assure you, you will leave like you had a salad!

Location: 200, Lee Tung Avenue, 24-25 Queen’s Rd E & Lee Tung St, Wan Chai

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