Hot Yoga with Maurice at Pure Yoga in Causeway Bay

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Last week, I had an awful open yoga class with Fitness First Causeway Bay; the prolonged and over-stretching yoga class left me slightly injured, strained and I am pretty sure I pulled a back muscle. My friend even joked that the class was probably intentional to injure you so you can’t gym for the next few weeks which also free up capacity for new members to use the facility (lol that is a possible and scary strategy if that was/is the case). I’ve dedicated my year with ClassPass in London so it is very difficult to adjust my routine from class only membership to a gym only membership (which cost a bomb at $750/month). I decided to try out boutique yoga classes and there are a good handful of trial classes out there that are complimentary in Hong Kong so I gave that a go.

So 1 painful back later; I strolled in to Pure Yoga in Causeway Bay to try out their hot vinyasa 60 minute yoga class with Maurice. The room was spacious which fit a capacity of 35 and the left hand side of the room is hotter than the right. The class had no beginners which was perfect and off course 90% of the attendees are ladies (to be honest; I think there were 6 guys in there which is considered a lot). I was actually amazed by the quality of the class; everyone knew what they were doing as the teacher instructed verbally around the room. Don’t worry; if you didn’t follow or missed what he said; just watch around you and follow. If I had to compare this class it would be from Fierce Grace in London – but admittedly I think Maurice’s hot vinyasa was the best I’ve ever tried! It was challenging but not difficult, it was fast paced but effective, it was packed with a variety  of poses which felt connected with ease. There were no drink or rest breaks which isn’t a bad thing and I felt second of the class worth my while!

So yes, I do recommend Pure Yoga – it is fantastic! BUT…how much would it cost you? This is what everyone wants to know right considering they don’t promote the prices on their site. I had to listen about their price offerings for 10 minutes and already I slightly whimpered inside how expensive it was (bear in mind that ClassPass was HK$1,100 per month). So here is the pricing breakdown:

  • You must pay the one off joining fee of HK$999 (WTF)
  • Access to all 7 locations it’s HK$1,288 per month (12 months contract)
  • or HK$942 per month (12 months contract)

Off course, I interrupted him before he continues to sell sell sell when I have no intention of joining, so I asked about their drop in classes which is:

  • Drop in class at HK$350 each time

They have showers, towels (no charge) and lockers, as well as a phone charging station at the reception which is fab! After a nice class; you can enjoy their Nood bar by the reception with a comfortable lounging area with sockets for you to chill out. Ask for their wifi as it’s free (or get it here: Guest@Pure and the password is stayhealthy) You can find Pure Yoga at the following locations:

Soundwill Plaza, 25th floor, 38 Russel Street
The Centrium, Central, 60 Wyndham Street
Asia Standard House in Central
Peninsula Office Tower in Tsim Sha Tsui
Langham Place in Mong Kok
Lincoln House in Quarry Bay
Pure South – The Pulse in Repulse Bay
Hutchison House in Admiralty

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