My Blog Had A Near Miss Death Experience, But I Felt Nothing…And Then It Hit Me


Since moving to Hong Kong my blog was put on the back seat for quite some time. The adjustment to a new life far away from Home (London) was rather easy to say the least but the work life balance was definitely a challenge and as a result, the lack of motivation to keep the blog up. Many months passed and next thing you know it; I experienced a couple of hacks which I managed to solve but never got to the root of the problem (I was just god damn lazy) and as a result I thought my blog became fully hacked, destroyed, ripped apart and ultimately…complete shut down! How did I let it come to this? Even worse, I didn’t feel that sad which was the concerning part 🙁 anyway fast forward a few days later I realised I wasn’t fully hacked, my annual subscription got a lil compromised apparently from my 3rd party host…hhhmm! ANYWAY, lost all my rankings!!

Next, why did I feel nothing and no remorse of the death of my blog? Was it not personal enough? Not real enough? Not passionate? Am I blogging for the sake of blogging or do I really like what I write? So many personal questions…basically a consultation for myself. I realised I need to be a lil more personal to connect with my posts and that I shouldn’t try to please my readers on content on what they might like. Seems stupid I know but it’s so easy to go off a tangent and end up on a high road that’s too fast for me. So I have decided; learnt my lesson after a near miss death of my blog and start being more “real” if that even makes sense. I need to remind myself to stay true, be honest and enjoy it!

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  1. Hanh at 2:22 pm

    Glad your blog is ok May, hope you’re doing well. I know what you mean about trying to be real, it can be hard in this fast moving blogging world! Anyway hope to catch up from your blog soon 🙂

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