Can you believe I got these in the sale?



new-burberry-sunglassesI have recently bought this stripey blue and white bikini from Dorothy Perkins during the sale online! What a find! I must say, Dorothy Perkins has become one of my favourite High Street brands..I remembered how mumsie it used to be back in the days. Have couple of holidays planned out but nothing beachy which is a shame! Stuck in wet London as usual, I guess I shall put away my new bikini for….next year?!

Oh and what else, bought these fabulous Balenciaga wedges from Harrods during their Summer Sale. It wasn’t as good as previous year’s sale, but their shoe sale will always be the best! You never know what you will come across and I certainly didn’t think I would buy a pair..let alone find a Balenciaga in the sale for..wait for it…£139!!! And bought another in a different colour where I have blogged about in this post: New Bag New Shoes and Broke this Month! Now I really can’t wait to wear my beach look, I think I need to find a Kaftan like dress/cardigan to complete this. I am off to Lake District for this Bank Holiday Weekend, can’t wait to photograph the picturesque landscape and the quaint cottage we (family) will be staying in. One downside is that there will be no wifi/3g…let’s see how well I cope with the world of digits switched off. Au revoir and have a lovely, long Bank Holiday Weekend! May xx


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