Clinique Even Better Essence Lotion Review




For an Asian Chinese like myself, I have a thinner skin barrier which means susceptible to dehydration (not so much irritation). Clinique even better essence lotion is perfect as it contains a breakthrough NMF complex which is the skin’s natural moisturising factors to unlock the skin’s “moisture potential” so that it stays hydrated. So I have put the Essence lotion to the test; if it works…this will be a miracle for me! I have an oily T Zone but with dry cheeks so I am after a hydrating skincare for Asians. The essence “lotion” is like a water serum, not the thick, creamy lotion we would associate “lotion” with. After cleansing (both morning and night) I dab a drop of essence lotion on each cheek and the forehead- then dab across my face (avoid smearing as it is very tempting to do). I have been using this twice a day for a week now and I am seeing some immediate effects. My complexion appears brighter, smoother (meaning it is hydrated) and more luminous. It is wonderful to see the results after just one week of use (perhaps using this twice a day helps) as many will see the progressive results after 3 to 4 weeks. I really do look after my skin and when I visit skincare and makeup stores, the girls compliment how great my skin looks and it is all thanks to Clinique Essence lotion for Asians.

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