Peacocking Blue! New Season Wallet Heaven.

Crazy sales over this festive period have brought us bargains, but a big hole in our bank which we all dare to check. Out with the old stuff and in with the new season. Ever since my MCM First Lady aqua blue shoulder bag, I have been obsessed with this colour. I am so glad to see this colour back for Resort Collection through Valentino, Saint Laurent, DKNY. Clearly, I have spent too much over Christmas, but I have seen some lovely pieces in my favourite shade.

Proenzer Schouler

This Proenza Schouler wallet caught my eye with its little chain and mirror to pose as a mini clutch. Perfect for day and night, setting you back to £560. This seems like a price of a handbag instead, but this handy little thing is more than just a wallet, this so called wallet on a chain is definitely multi-functional which features a mirror too which I haven’t seen in other mini chain bags. Convinced yet? Well for me, I am not too sure. But it sure is damn beautiful!

Alexander Wang, Kate Spade, Mulberry Wallets

Other designers have taken different angles of blue for Resort and here I have selected my favourites of the bunch. Alexander Wang in exotic snakeskin, mmmm. This is the iconic Prisma collection at RRP of £315. I love the punchy blue and the feel of snakeskin definitely brings me a smile to my face. Kate Spade with her stripey white on turquoise is definitely the most fun piece of all. Even though it’s cold, windy and wet; this colour makes me think of sun, sea and beach..£130..perfect! The third piece is the classic, simple lock envelope wallet by Mulberry. This super soft leather wallet is timeless and refreshes your very own Mulberry handbag.

Valentino peacock Blue rock stud wallet

Valentino Rockstud zip round wallet is my favourite this season. Despite loving all things rock stud, this colour is beaming with style! Wear it as a clutch will definitely turn heads and it is the one piece of accessory I would love to have in my handbag. It also comes in a range of eye popping colours ( Pink, Orange) at £400 RRP. What’s on your wishlist this season?

May xx

**All Images taken from the website.

2 responses

  1. I love all of these! I see wallets & purses as an investment so always go for leather & don’t mind spending a bit more on them – my latest is a beautiful orange leather one by Aubrey – not as pricey as these beauties but I love bright colours! x


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